How Much Rain? Mobile Precipitation Monitoring

Find out how much precipitation has fallen for any location in the continental United States. Meet regulatory compliance, help manage land, or just satisfy your curiosity!

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  • Intuitive Maps

    Clickable maps make it easy to find the location you're interested in, and retrieve the precipitation stats with a single click. GPS automatically finds your current location on supported devices.

  • Detailed Data

    With a single click or touch, the you can view the detailed precipitation data. Data shows estimated totals for the last 3, 6, 12, and 24 hours, and measured data for the last day, 7 days, 30 days, and the 30 day departure from normal.

  • Bookmarks

    Save any location to create a bookmark, making it easy to jump back to your favorite locations in just two clicks!

    Browser Support Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iPhone, iPad, Android
    Version 1.2 (released February 15th 2012)

About Us

How Much Rain? is brought to you by Sabine & Waters, Inc.

The application was developed because the staff at Sabine & Waters needed a way to monitor precipitation for land management clients, to identify and mitigate environmental issues related to precipitation, and to plan forestry activities where recent precipitation can have huge cost and regulatory impact.

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Forestry allows people in the forestry industry to check how much rain actually fell on multiple tracts of timber accross county and even state lines from the office or on a mobile device. With today's gas prices, the subscription price will pay for itself in one saved trip to check site conditions.


Farmers know how important rain is. As today's farms become larger and larger, the ability accurately determine how much rain fell over the entire farm can become very time intensive. allows farmers to bookmark areas and quickly navigate between them to check rainfall amounts.


Most construction contracts are time sensitive and have stormwater complience requirements. allows construction firms to monitor rainfall amounts to submit for extensions due to weather conditions when applicable. Since the data is provided by a third-party, both parties have confidence in recording and accuracy (NOAA). also can be used during the rain events to prompt stormwater complience inspections. Estimated rainfall amounts are updated hourly and can be used to determine when samples need to be taken.

Weather Enthusiast

Weather Enthusiast spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on sophisticated weather tracking and displaying systems. For less than $10 a month, a user can see how much rain fell anywhere in the contiental United States. Use the application on your mobile device and always know where and how much rain fell.

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